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Tired of the same old misguided information regarding health/wellness? Search no further, D.R. Performance Group’s staffing are handpicked and screened from the very best in the Fitness Industry. Our candidates not only have the highest certifications in the fitness industry but have thousands of hours of physical therapy and post rehab experience.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and/or the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) are the only truly non-profit, professional associations with credible standards in the fitness industry; NSCA offers the only personal trainer certification in the country that is accredited by both the federally recognized accrediting agency in Washington, D.C., the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the internationally recognized accrediting agency, International Standardization Organization (ISO).

D.R. Performance Group is looking to create relationships with local businesses to help develop professional, comprehensive wellness programs and activities for their employees and to help them lower Insurance costs.We offer PowerPoint Presentations, Personal Training, Medical Fitness/Post Rehab and a monthly newsletter.

We offer complimentary Fitness/Metabolic Health screens to all employees that sign up for any personal training packages. Blood Pressure, heart rates, SPO2 counts, contraindications, ROM issues, postural concerns,  body fat using the 7 fold skin caliper test, nutritional counseling, program design, target heart rates, medical fitness, medication profile and goals will be discussed at the assessment.

You will have a direct liaison (Doug Rotondi) to help with questions, comments or concerns.

D.R. Performance Group will also come into your place of business to set up a gym for your employees featuring private personal training, group instruction, nutritional counseling and wellness programming.

​Our Corporate Wellness Program consists of a sit down Power Point lecture/presentation on Nutrition, postural concerns, the correct way to lose/gain weight and the scientific formulas for exercise per each individual client. Our 90 minute presentation will help screen and educate your work staff with correct information regarding fitness/wellness programs and how this can drastically help improve your overall health costs for your business.

We also offer follow ups for individuals wishing to hire a trainer or set up training at your place of business. Each Corporate signup includes the 90 minute presentation plus a 12 month electronic Health/Wellness Newsletter for your entire staff to enjoy. Our monthly newsletter for your organization includes nutritional advice, recipes, workout tips, health/wellness news, events & promotional offers.

 Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and trained by some of the top fitness experts in the industry to help you on your way to a new you! Recent statistics show a 26% savings on healthcare from companies that develop and implement Health/Wellness programs at their place of business! We can help you get started and established through our professional and dedicated Wellness Programs.

In Wellness & Health,

Doug Rotondi

D.R. Performance Group