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Fit For Duty?

Recent studies show that Emergency Response (Police, Fire, Rescue) requires some of the most demanding prerequisites for physical fitness to get into this line of work. So why then do Emergency  Response workers rate highest in the country  for lack of physical fitness once they get into the job? Stress, shift work, improper nutritional intake, sleep deprivation and lack of knowledge about fitness all contribute to a growing problem in our society.

The results show that when compared with the general population, Emergency Response average fitness levels are below normal in the areas of aerobic fitness, body fat, and abdominal strength and average in upper body strength and lower-back flexibility. The data show that Emergency Response are less fit in most areas than at least half of all U.S. citizens despite the fact that the physical demands of their profession require that they be more fit than the average person.

The key to fixing this epidemic to help Emergency Response workers thrive through their careers and into retirement is health education. We at D.R. Performance Group have designed a perfect program to help police, fire and rescue live a healthier lifestyle which in turn will save local governments over 26% on health care, help improve performance on the job and increase morale.

Our “Heroes Program” is a deep thank you to all of our “Emergency Responders” and offers several discounted programs to help you and your departments live a healthier lifestyle! Doug is a former Police Officer from Delray Beach, FL and understands the demands of the job and the need for wellness in the profession.

Corporate Wellness Sign Up – Regularly $249 – Heroes - $149

Corporate Power Points – Regularly $99 each – Heroes Discount - Complimentary

Personal Training/Post Rehab Services – On Site/At home – 30% Discount of any service

Program Design – Regularly $99 – Heroes Discount - $65

Lunch n Learn – Regularly $149 per session – Heroes Discount - Complimentary

  We look forward to speaking with you!!

In Health & Wellness, Doug Rotondi – CPTS, NSCA-CPT, TPI2, FRC, TRX

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