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Stretching the Limits


“Stretch Therapy”, is a physical therapy based approach to flexibility training. These relaxing sessions will help educate clients to the benefits of stretching, the real science behind it and a practical hands-on segment from trainer to client. All of our trainers have gone through an extensive training certification to bring you the highest quality service possible. Our stretch service involves a cyclical approach to stretching with a dynamic warm-up to passive stretching. This approach will help you achieve maximum range of motion while keeping the same strength and power load in your daily activities.

 What to Expect

It is required that clients come 5-10 minutes early to warm up the body through dynamic movements (treadmill, elliptical, etc.). Once the body is warmed up, the client will lie down on the treatment tables, relax and be passively stretched by one of our stretching specialists. Each body part is worked on in progression including, hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back, latisimus dorsi, triceps, upper/middle back, IT bands, pectoralis major and minor, trapezius, rhomboids, piriformis,  gluteus maximus/medius and your erector spinae. All stretches are done passively (specialist stretching you to your stretch reflex or limit) with pre-cautions set for injury or post-surgery. The conclusion of the session is done with vibration therapy (Genie Rub) over the entire body for increased blood flow and relaxation.  - 30 Minutes—$39